Scott Credit Union

SCOTT CREDI T UNION now 3000. And we haven’t seen any significant increase in our mobile or online activity. So the members that use that technology continue to use it but we’re not seeing our other members go to that. Whether they’re intimidated, or fearful that it’s not as secure as it really is. Or, it could be the personal connection. In fact, our MCC staff say they sometimes can’t get people off the phone because they just want to talk.” When it comes to efficient cash handling solutions, Welch Systems is a great technology partner for Scott Credit Union. According to SCU’s facilities manager, “They are very customer centric and always willing to work with other vendors involved in a project to ensure that no page is left unturned. Their Support Services is wonderful. Cathy Setterlund, Director of Support Services, is very knowledgeable about Welch’s products and eager to share her knowledge with customers.” From a philosophical perspective, SCU’s mantra revolves around taking good care of its employees, so they will, in turn, take good care of its members. That culture is a top priority in the organization and creates a new challenge with people working remotely. Padak notes, “We’ve got a lot to learn over the next few months to maintain that culture, as communication becomes even more critical and you don’t have that day- to-day interaction. We’re looking as far out as the first quarter of next year to solidify the work from home model and give our employees the best work/life balance. Making sure the technology is good; that the bandwidth is there. Also the metrics – how we measure productivity. The end game is having a lot more people working from home when this is all said and done. Giving us a lot more flexibility for hiring from anywhere in the country. We’re excited for that.” Speaking to the most important attributes of Scott Credit Union, Padak shares, “First and foremost is the overall value we provide our members. It’s about having low loan rates, higher deposit rates, low fees. For 28 years, we’ve done a bonus dividend, so when we’re