Mabrey Bank

MABREY BANK ALL IN THE FAMILY F amily-Owned. Locally Operated. Here to Serve. That is the guiding mantra for one of Oklahoma’s favorite, long-time financial institutions. A proud and progressive fourth generation of Mabrey family members are now leading Mabrey Bank into yet another decade of doing what they do best – serving their local communities throughout the state with integrity and pleasure. Describing the evolution of the incredible Mabrey Bank legacy, current CEO Scott Mabrey explains, “My grandfather was CEO, my dad was CEO, and now I am the third generation CEO. My great grandfather was never CEO but he was a minority owner when the bank was founded over 100 years ago, so I’m actually a fourth generation Mabrey working at the bank and third generation in leadership. Great grandfather (Carlisle Mabrey, Sr.) was one of the 10 original owners who each owned 10 percent. My grandfather (Carlisle Mabrey Jr.) gained a controlling interest in the bank in the late ‘60s. All four of his children, including the oldest (my dad, Carlisle Mabrey III) came back between 1972 and 1982 to work at the bank.” That was, technically, the second generation. Scott continues, “They worked together for many years; one uncle and one aunt have semi-retired in the last five years and my dad is still relatively