Las Cruces, New Mexico

would be the right timing for us to build it, given the demand. We are actively looking for a public private partnership to help us accomplish our goal for more housing units in downtown”. While the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the usually fast pace of life, downtown, Martinez sees its return, eventually, and points out some of the things that make downtown Las Cruces an exciting and vibrant place: “In downtown, we have our farmers market, which has been recognized, nationally, as one of the best in the nation. We have food producers and craftspeople and it’s a great place for the community to gather. It takes place every Saturday on both sides of the street for five blocks. In addition to the farmers market is our downtown plaza, which was another project funded with the TIDD. Now, it’s a gathering place where people enjoy musical concerts, dance lessons, etc. We also have the Rio Grande Theater, which is a historical building that is managed by the city. We have programming there – movies and plays. PREFERRED VENDORS n Arrowhead Center Arrowhead Center helps innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses succeed through a comprehensive network of services, resources, and connections. • Promote Cradle-to-Career Entrepreneurship: The future of our economy • Initialize Business Creation & Growth: A true economic engine • Protect Intellectual Property: The critical ingredient of ideas • Enhance Regional Economic Development: The City of Las Cruces and the Borderplex region n Molzen Corbin That’s another great place for the community to gather.” The official motto of Las Cruces, New Mexico is: “Mountains of Opportunity.” Based on its past successes and the current programs offered by the city’s Economic Development Department, it is safe to assume that many more opportunities for growth are on the horizon.