Big Country Raw

Experience the Quantum Difference Mercedes-Benz Burlington is committed to providing unmatched customer service that defines luxury. More than just a dealership, we are leaders in the industry in delivering luxury amenities and services that create a lifetime relationship with our customers. Purchase or lease a vehicle from us and support health care 441 North Service Road, Burlington ON, L7P 0A3 • 905-631-7033 • B IG COUNTRY RAW paper board packaging, a groundbreaking change in the industry. “There’s not any other Canadian pet food manufacturer that’s packaging raw pet food in paper board packaging,” Geraldine states. “We took the initiative because we know that plastic packaging is a hindrance to our growth. More and more consumers are paying attention to how things are packaged and prepared for them. They want to make sure that they’re making environmentally-good choices in the products that they’re buying and we’re going to be looking at more eco-friendly packaging choices.” She adds that the company also sources from growers and farmers that also use best practices in how they raise the animals that Big Country Raw uses in its diet. Going forward, Big Country Raw expects to open a new distribution center in Calgary by this August, but with a focus on selling just in pet specialty stores and not offering direct-to- consumer sales of frozen foods. However, Big Country Raw as it continues to grow will continue its two-pronged business model of reaching out to both retail and direct consumers in Ontario. “From the get-go, we handled our own distribution to stores and direct to consumers,” says Geraldine. “The direct- to-consumer approach in the pet specialty field shows that those people have a 50 percent higher brand retention and 50 percent faster brand growth than brands that don’t. It really keeps you close to your customer. Consumers like to have options and Big Country Raw gives them a lot of choices.”