Swift Current Saskatchewan

for renewables-related companies.We were at GPS (Global Petroleum Show) in Calgary in June–the onlymunicipality with a booth.We’re not waiting for business to come to us.” Marty Salberg, Director of Community Develop- ment for Swift Current, offers his own insights on the city’s attributes. “I’m fortunate to have lived here my entire life and worked here for a long time. So, I know that, generally speaking, when businesses or people move here they never want to leave.We have all the pillars that make life enjoyable - affordable housing, excellent schools, a safe community. And we need to continue to focus on our strengths as an administration to make sure we move at the speed of business; to offer companies assurance that if they come to Swift Current they’ll have our full support. In ad- dition, we’ve got lakes, campgrounds, recreational areas, all within 30 minutes.A person can leave work at 4:30 and be out on the boat by 5:30.And I’ve done that.” “Yes, just about every week,”quips the Mayor.“We have excellent connectivity and technology, so peo- ple can thrive and succeed here–even on the boat!” PREFERRED VENDORS n Almita Piling Inc. www.almita.com n PCL Construction Management www.pcl.com n P3 Architecture www.p3arch.com SWIFT CURRENT, SASKATCHEWAN draw for Swift Current, every summer. Among the featured events: a rodeo, cabarets, a fair, and fire- works. Another big event, called Windscape, was ranked by Maclean’s Magazine as one of the top 100 things to do in North America. Professional kite flyers from around the world come to Swift Current to participate. They fly their kites to music; there are celebrity kite flyers and fun events for kids –all free, thanks to the generosity of companies such as Sask Power, and the region’s ever-present prevailing winds. Swift Current is also proud to con- tinually host world class events like curling, hockey and rodeo and is looking forward to hosting the CanadianWestern Canada Summer Games in 2019, all of which are possible due to the amazing volun- teers within the southwest region of Saskatchewan. Mayor Perrault shares the city’s goals for the near-term future.“Positive growth,more residents, more thriving businesses; bringing young people back after University–for that, there have to be jobs available. In the next five years, I want to see an increased manufacturing sector,more retail and services, and I truly believe we’ll see a large renewable energy sector here.That means servic- ing wind turbines and solar panels, and hopefully manufacturing some of those pieces. Saskatchewan has committed that by 2030, they want to have 50 percent of their power generated by renewables. We’re the number one place for wind and sun, so we believe we’ll see quite a bit of investment here in the coming years.The problem is these are very large capital projects that don’t happen over- night. They take time. So, we showcase Swift Current at every opportunity as an ideal location 2292 Dewdney Ave. Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. S4R 1H3 306.757.1669 www.p3arch.com architecture l interior design l planning P3Architecture Partnership SHARING YOUR VISION. BUILDING SUCCESS. Watch us build at PCL.com