RE/MAX Select Realty

F ounded in the year 2000, RE/MAX Select Realty has become a well-known leader in Western Pennsylvania real estate.With 242 sales associates, 41 full-time em- ployees, seven offices, and a culture of caring and giving back, the company is well-placed to reach and exceed the one billion dollars in sales mile- stone. Recently, Business View Magazine visited with co-owners Chris Murphy, Ed Rae, and Paul Culley– a good-natured, industry-savvy trio who spoke candidly about their company’s operations and future. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. BVM: Can you give us a brief overview of your company history? RE/MAX SELECT REALTY RE/MAX SELECT REALTY A CULTURE OF CARING AT A GLANCE RE/MAX SELECT REALTY WHAT: A real estate brokerage firm serving western Pennsylvania WHERE: Head Office in Cranberry, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: Rae: “We founded the company in 2000 with one location. In the beginning, it was Paul Culley and me.We met at a previous broker we worked for, where both of us were frustrated with the opera- tions and compensation schedule. So, we moved out on our own and founded RE/MAX Select Realty. Two years later, Paul introduced me to Chris Murphy and a few months after that, we helped Chris with