Hopkinsville Kentucky

AT A GLANCE HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY WHAT: 9th largest city in Kentucky; population approx. 33,000 WHERE: Christian County, about 75 miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. WEBSITE: www.hopkinsvilleky.us HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY THE TOTAL PACKAGE HOPKINSVILLE Kentucky L ocated in the southwest corner of Kentucky, 26 miles north of Clarks- ville,Tennessee, the City of Hopkins- ville, Kentucky has come a long way since Bartholomew and Martha AnnWood settled in the area in 1796.Now the seat of Christian County, and the state’s 9th largest city, today’s Hopkinsville is the total package -a resourceful, prosperous community of just under 33,000 that offers outstanding access to the arts, culture, sports, shopping, and recreational opportunities,while maintaining a strong sense of local community. Christian County is also home to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the third largest military installation in the country,with just under 30,000 troops stationed onsite, represent- ing about a $4.5-billion impact on the local economy. In second place,with an annual, local impact of $1.8 billion, is agriculture, including tobacco, corn, soybeans, and wheat. In addition, there’s a diverse manufacturing base–heavy in automotive parts manufac- turing, food, chemicals, and plastics. But nothing has made Hopkinsville, Ken- tuckymore famous than when it played host