Hopkinsville Kentucky

PREFERRED VENDOR n Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention & Visitors Bureau www.visithopkinsville.com Hopkinsville’s commitment to sustainable practic- es.“We’re applying for a Sustainable Certification from the Tennessee ValleyAuthority, and we hope to receive that later this fall,”he states.The TVA introduced its Valley Sustainable Communities (VSC) program in 2013, as a way to recognize regional communities that link local sustainability efforts with economic development opportunities. Partic- ipating communities earn points in 15 categories by implementing specific policies and practices that contribute to overall sustainability,with an emphasis on those components that directly impact economic development efforts and/or the success of existing businesses in the community.“That will provide evidence of our commitment to initiatives like recycling,walkability, green space, energy effi- ciency, and all of those wonderful things that come with sustainability,”he asserts,“knowing that more and more large businesses are looking for commu- nities that are committed to sustainability practices. And we certainly are.” Being the home of Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division,Hopkinsville has always had a steady influx of workers–everymonth about 450 soldiers process out of Fort Campbell, and many choose to stay in the region–but Hendricks notes that another cohort is increasingly becoming part of its growing population, and it’s one that every town and city needs to build its future upon.“We have more and more young people who are re- turning home after college,”he says, proudly.“Our young professional community is liking what they see in Hopkinsville, and they want to be a part of it. So,we’ve invested in several initiatives - like WINS - to provide the quality of life for those workers, so they’ll decide to live,work, play, and make this their home for years to come.” HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY