Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4 highlights the need for the airport in this region. “Most of our income comes from hangar rentals and the forestry service,” says Michaelsen, “we also have some discretionary funding – but when it comes to the larger infrastructure work, we are dependant on grants. There are priority levels and that is why we began with the runway. Now we will have to switch gears and look at resurfacing our taxiways. All of this is done according to our Airport Layout Plan, which is now five years old but has led the way in prioritizing where to turn our efforts next. Revitalizing the pavement has been an important step, but we could also work at getting more water and sewer onto the field and building more hangars, because we do have a waiting list. Our goal is to make this into a high-quality airport that will draw people to the region.” Juhasz sums it up well, noting, “The problem is that people don’t necessarily see what assets we’ve got here. The general fund is propping up the airport to some degree, but it is an airport that’s starting to take shape again. We are a diamond in the rough, and with social unrest, COVID-19, work-away-from-home technology, and real estate dollars that can buy much more here in Dunsmuir than a larger urban area, the discovery of this mountain jewel can be a potentially life-changing find.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Castle Rock Water Castle Rock Water is a superior water, consistently placing in the top five Waters of the World. Its pure taste and balanced pH is popular with health enthusiasts. “From Glacier to Glass” Castle Rock Water is local and sustainable, maintains a small ecological footprint and participates in global conservation efforts.