Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport

3 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4 T he City of Dunsmuir, in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California, is a truly beautiful spot. Mount Shasta and the Castle Crags loom over the Sacramento and McCloud rivers, while visitors find a piece of California they might never have dreamt exists. Lakes and waterfalls complete the experience, allowing a respite from what can sometimes seem like a daunting real world. The city also has frequent events that draw people from far and wide. During the summer, Dunsmuir hosts many local weekend festivals, including ‘State of Jefferson Brewfest’, ‘Dogwood Daze’, and ‘Railroad Days’. As well as the popular ‘Tribute to the Trees’ al fresco dinner/concert along the river in the city’s pristine park, home to Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens. What helps make it even more magical is that the community has preserved an authentic 1920s and 1930s look and feel. Dunsmuir’s long connection with the railroad draws railfans to enjoy the sights and sounds in the steep Sacramento River canyon. Dunsmuir is officially a Union Pacific “Train Town” and enjoys many financial benefits because of its relationship with the railroad. It was also an important location during the steam locomotive railroad era; notable for being the site of an important Central Pacific (and later Southern Pacific) railroad yard, where extra steam locomotives were added to assist trains on the grade to the north. AT A GLANCE DUNSMUIR MUNICIPAL-MOTT AIRPORT WHAT: A city-owned public-use airport, especially critical for forest firefighting efforts WHERE: City of Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, northern California WEBSITE: Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport A MOUNTA IN DI AMOND IN THE ROUGH