Newburyport, Massachusetts

P O R T husetts T he City of Newburyport, Massachusetts has been a well-kept secret since the 1700s, full of resilient, kind, and welcoming people who have invested in their oceanside hamlet to ensure it maintained its rich history. The city’s government has always been quick to evolve to changing environment and society, while continuing to strive for advancement in green initiatives, economic development, infrastructure, and quality of life for residents and guests. Newburyport takes a great amount of pride in its historical architecture and maintains diverse neighbourhoods, a downtown landscape with various art installations that detail their Indigenous roots, and the port city’s nautical background. People throughout the country and the world are discovering Newburyport as a travel destination endowed with beautiful beaches, boardwalks along the Merrimack River, walking trails, 26 parks, boutique shops, and AT A GLANCE NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS WHAT: A charming historic seaport community; population 18,000 WHERE: 35 miles north of Boston, MA WEBSITE: “It’s a Lifestyle”