INSTA The future of fueling FU I nstafuel is on a bold mission to fundamentally changing the fueling infrastructure of America. The innovative mobile fleet fueling company believes in a more simplified and direct fuel distribution network that allows more control, efficiency, and peace of mind. Instafuel believes in a future where fuel is delivered directly to the fleet customer and gas stations are a thing of the past. Wisam Nahhas (CEO) and Nour Baki (CMO), co-founders of Instafuel, stumbled across a niche market need and their method for fueling fleets of smaller delivery vehicles is now a go-to solution for smooth fleet operations. Baki recalls, “Back in 2015 we were fresh college graduates coming off our previous start-up and wanting to do something just a little bit different. Our background was in technology development, specifically mobile app development. We were in California at the time, right when Uber was becoming a big company and very popular. We came up with the idea of Uber for gas. That was our starting AT A GLANCE INSTAFUEL WHAT: An innovative mobile fuel delivery service WHERE: Headquartered in Houston, Texas WEBSITE: