Fort Worth Convention Center & Will Rogers Memorial Center

AT A GLANCE FORT WORTH CONVENTION CENTER AND WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL CENTER WHAT: Two large-scale event venues in downtown Fort Worth WHERE: Fort Worth, Texas WEBSITE: W hen it comes to premier venues for large-scale events, Fort Worth, Texas has it covered. The city owns and operates the Fort Worth Convention Center and the Will Rogers Memorial Center, two state-of- the-art facilities within its central business and cultural districts (FWCC is in the downtown core; WRMC is 3 miles to the west but still close), offering everything anyone could ever want from a Texas soiree. “Fort Worth delivers the Texas meeting you want with a modern-west flair you won’t find in other Texas cities,” said Mike Crum, Public Events Director for the City of Fort Worth. Standing the test of time since 1968, the Fort Worth Convention Center has seen it all – from celebrities like Elvis and Cher to K-Pop sensation BTS and even Presidential hopefuls. The 250,000-square-foot exhibit hall was expanded in 2003 and is host to consumer trade shows, sporting events, pharmaceutical launches, and national conventions such as Nation’s Best Sports, AeroDef Manufacturing and Anime Frontier. Rogers rial Center MODERN EVENTS WITH A TEXAS FLAIR