Lakeville, Minnesota

LAKEV I LLE , MINNESOTA J.J. Brackett, a Saint Paul lumber baron and mail carrier using the road, decided to plat a site halfway between Saint Paul and Saint Peter on a lake he named Prairie Lake, and a village called Lakeville Township was established there in 1858. Lakeville later became a flourishing mill center, populated by Scandinavians, Irish, Scotch, and English farmers and settlers. Notoriety first came to Lakeville in 1910, when Colonel Marion Savage, riding on fame from his success with the Dan Patch racing horse, expanded his entertainment business by constructing the 40- acre Antlers Amusement Park in the city in order to attract passengers to the Dan Patch Electric Railroad line. Today, the city’s population has reached approximately 65,000, and although its agricultural industry is still intact, Lakeville has grown as a major industrial center, home to many industrial parks, including the 1,800-acre Airlake Industrial Park, the Creekside Business Park, the Fairfield Business Campus, First Park,