Meyco Products Inc. & Toptec Products

M eyco Products Inc. is the parent com- pany of Meyco Pool Covers and TopTec Event Tents – two different divisions with many similarities. It’s an entertaining legacy of growth and innovation that hails back to the late 19th century; a firm that found its “modern day” footing in the 1950s, and current- ly reigns as an industry-leading manufacturer in the Pool & Spa sector. As its tagline profess- es, “Everyone trusts the original.” The company had its beginnings in 1898, when Fred Meyer started manufacturing flags and awnings. Later, his son, Fred Meyer Jr., joined his father and the focus moved to residential exterior awnings. One day in the late 1950s, MEYCO PRODUCTS INC. & TOPTEC PRODUCTS EVERYONE TRUSTS THE ORIGINAL