Fisher Tank Company

FISHER TANK COMPANY THE FIELD-ERECTED WELDED STEEL TANK EXPERTS “ We do one thing and we do it better than anybody else,” says Lori Riddle, Project Researcher and Marketing Director at the Fisher Tank Company. “It’s all that we do.” What the Fisher Tank Company does, and does better than anybody else, is design, fabricate, and field-construct carbon and stainless steel tanks and vessels - something that it has been doing almost since its inception, when boiler- maker, Joe Fisher, started the Fisher Tank and Welding Company in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1948, partnering with Bob Borst, who later served as President and CEO of the company. “Joe Fisher was a boilermaker for a company called Chicago Bridge & Iron,” recounts Com- pany President, Paul Windham, who has been at Fisher Tank for 40 of its 70 years. “He was the guy who built the tanks.” Fisher had seen a need for effective, mobile, and honest welded steel tank repair services in the burgeoning oil and gas refinery sector in Pennsylvania’s Del- aware Valley region. “So, they started doing re- pair work in the tank industry at the refineries close to our Chester, Pennsylvania office. At the time, there was something like seven refineries within a 50-mile radius.” Soon, the Fisher Tank team was not only re- pairing oil tanks, they were building tanks, too. As the industry boomed, the need for storage tanks boomed, as well. Refineries, manufactur- ing plants, chemical production facilities, and other operations all needed tanks. Then, as suburbs exploded around major cities, there was a huge need for water storage tanks to serve those new communities. Fisher Tank built its first welded steel standpipe in West Point, PA in 1956. The 100-foot-tall standpipe held 250,000 gallons of water. In 1951, Fisher incor- porated his firm under the name Fisher Tank Company. AT A GLANCE FISHER TANK COMPANY WHAT: A fabricator of field-erected, welded steel tanks WHERE: Chester, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: