Asheville, North Carolina

public. UNC Asheville’s NEMAC is tasked with the design and development of the content for the publication. This content will also be used by IT services in the development of a com- plementary public resource guide via the City’s SimpliCity search platform, to be available by summer 2019. Public information sessions will be held after the development of the publica- tion and will also include engaging and im- plementing the Government Alliance for Race and Equity toolkit to ensure equitable access and implementation of suggested best man- agement strategies for building resilience to Asheville’s climate threats. “First and foremost, it’s our job as government to lead by example,” Weaver states. “We want to take on the harder tasks and simplify them for our community members to then take on and implement. The City is taking steps to help our residents and business owners prepare to build resilience, so we can create a more resil- ient community.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Lime Energy Services - Lime Energy, a member of the Willdan Group, is a national energy services company specializing in the delivery of innovative clean energy solu- tions to hard-to-reach customers. Lime primar- ily serves small businesses and has completed 150,000 energy efficiency projects saving cus- tomers more than $1 billion on their energy bills. n RATP Dev USA- n French Broad Paving -