Buckles Smith

TM PREFERRED VENDORS n Panduit Corp. www.panduit.com Panduit Corp. was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Tinley Park, Illinois with locations worldwide. The company devel- ops physical infrastructure management solutions; offers electrical and networking products; cabinets, racks, and cable management products; abrasion protection and heat shrink products; cable ties and accessories; copper systems; enclosures; fiber systems; identifi- cation products; intelligent systems; outlets and faceplates; power and environmental monitoring products; routing and pathways; safety and security products; supports and fasteners; tools; wiring duct; terminals; power connectors; and grounding products. Panduit Corp. serves education, computing, network, operations, storage, healthcare, government, energy, machine building, and shipbuilding industries through a network of electrical, electronic, network, and industrial automation distributors worldwide. n Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. www.leviton.com Leviton is the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America. It produces electrical light sockets, receptacles and outlets, switches, dimmers and other lighting control systems, wire, power cables, power cords, wall and ceiling occupancy sensors, wall plates, datacom, and other electrical products. Leviton is most famous for its Decora wall switch, the flat low profile form factor which replaced the standard toggle switch in many homes and offices. Leviton currently has operations in more than 85 countries on 6 conti- nents, and employs approximately 6,500 persons. Its products include over 25,000 devices and systems. n Encore Wire Corp. www.encorewire.com Founded in 1989, Encore Wire began its legacy as a residential building wire manufacturer in a 68,000 sq. ft. building in McKinney, Texas. Twenty-nine years later, we have grown organically into a 430-acre campus with over two million square feet under roof. Today, Encore Wire offers building wire in both copper and aluminum for residential, commercial and industrial applications. n Acuity Brands Lighting www.acuitybrands.com As the leading lighting manufacturer in North America, we have what you need. Our portfolio of more than a million product configu- rations ranges from luminaires with simple wall-mounted dimmers, to sophisticated lighting control networks, to integrated building man- agement systems. Local service from a global company, with the brands you trust. bleandadaptable.Weunderstandthebusinessclimate, theemployment challenges that theyface,sowe really understandour customers’business. “Theother thingthat setsBuckles-Smithapart isour focuson industrialmarkets.Our engineersknowtheir technologyandareverygoodathelpingfindthe right solutions forour customers.That expertise ishardto comeby–withalmost80yearsof industryexperience inthisorganizationweare the#1 industrial supplier in northernCalifornia.” BVM: What’syour forecast forBuckles-Smithfiveyears fromnow? Peschke: “We’re inaverytight labormarket.Unem- ploymentonthepeninsula is just shortof threepercent, whichmeanswe’vegot todoeverything inourpower to helpcustomersbemoreefficient.That’swhatourwhole services focus isabout.Intermsofproduct technology,I believe lightingcontrols isoneof thebiggest areaswhere we’regoingtoseegrowth.It’saveryinterestingarea forus. Wecome fromtheworldof industrial automation,where we’rehelpingour customers runfactoriesandsmart machines inproductionfacilitiesall over theworld.We’re nowmoving intobuildingautomationand lightingcon- trols,whichwill helpour commercial customersoperate theirbuildingsmoreefficiently.” Cook: “The turnover rateatBuckles-Smith isone-third of that for the industryand,asweexpand,wecontinue to attract employees.Partof our‘GiveBack’initiativehas re- centlyincludedmatchingfunds thatour employees raised ontheirowntohelpcustomerswho lost theirhomes intheNapaValleyfires.Wesupport theMarchofDimes Walk,helpcoach local sports teams–if it’s important to employees,it’s important tous.” BUCKLES-SMITH